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About Interiors  (Finishing Line Press 2013):

Mysterious and musical, stitched with an almost-narrative that disappears and reappears like thread, Interiors offers a glimpse into one poet’s transformational journey.        -George Ella Lyon, poet laureate of Kentucky. Author of She Let Herself Go

Interiors is full of doorways, transoms, locks, and entryways as well as a claw-footed tub – and poems that explore the furnishings of the mind and heart. Elizabeth Beck’s first book of artful poems centers on the theme of “writing about writing about my life”. Her house is our house. -Richard L. Taylor, past poet laureate Kentucky. Author of Rare Bird


About insignificant white girl (Evening Street Press 2013):

In insignificant white girl, Elizabeth Beck provides compelling witness to the violence – and its tragic after effects that too many girls suffer, without the ability to  give it this kind of important voice. In stunning imagery, Beck sheds light on what can only be called crimes against humanity.                                                                                                                         -Sue William Silverman, author of Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You

My poems and essays have found homes in Suisan Valley Review, Kudzu Magazine, Poetica Magazine, Her Limestone Blues Anthology,  TRIVIA, Chaffey Review, Evening Street Review, Pluck!, Red River Review, Rusty Nail, Harvard Education Press

Audio Recordings:

“Claw-footed Tub” and “Blue Heron”: In-Stereo Press 2012










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